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About Vinx Apothecary


We want our skins to be nice!

Vinx Apothecary was founded by Rebecca Tamea who always liked skin and beauty products

We super promise that all of our ingredients are really nice and smell good too.

It can be hard to find bath, body, and beauty products (no illiteration intended) that work as well as they smell nice. We wanted to make products that we would use daily on all our parts. 

First we start the best ingredients from around the world and locally. We have purchased our own lovely copper alembic still to create own unique scents with essential oils and hydrosols. Whenever possible we try to grow or locally source our ingredients. 

We test all of our products on ourselves before we let any thing out the door. 

Everyone should have access to a happy complexion and body.

We really hope you can enjoy our face things beautifully.


Thanks for trying us!

Vinx Apothecary