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  1. 99 Cleansing Balm

    99 Cleansing Balm

    99 Cleansing Balm will change the way you wash your face.  Not a harsh soapy cleanser, it uses mild toning oils to thoroughly remove all traces of makeup, sunscreen and grime.  Massage your face lightly and thoroughly with a dropper or pump full of the balm for 30 seconds or longer if time and mood allow. Take those moments to love your face, to stimulate your circulation, sweeping away debris and encouraging toxins and puffiness to drain away.  Press a warm damp cloth over all to wipe away any excess.  Your skin wil be left pure, clean and glowing.  Not a trace of oiliness, just a calm fresh visage. This is your daily cleanser. Learn More
  2. Brilliant – Body Polish and Exfoliant

    Brilliant Exfoliant

    Brilliant will reveal a polished and refined complexion with its gentle blend of exfoliants.  A fine powdered blend with sweet rice, pink kaolin, vitamin c, geranium, cypress, myrrh and lavender, put a half teaspoon in the palm of your hand, add several drops of water or Lux Tonica and blend to a cream. Massage face (neck and chest too if you wish) gently but thoroughly for a minute. Use 2-3 times weekly, depending on your skin’s needs, to thoroughly remove old dry cells, revealing bright glowing skin. Your moisturizer will penetrate more beautifully, reaching the fresh new cells. Full ingredients are listed in the product description to the left. Learn More
  3. Fluxx Ultra Oil

    Fluxx Ultra Oil

    Fluxx was created to be the purest expression of healing oils brought together for an unparalled luxurious treatment. Brimming with the most powerful oils on the earth, to simply and elegantly nourish your skin. The effect is instantly invigorating, and truly healing. Lightly massage a few drops onto freshly toned skin for a luminous complexion every day and night. If you only do one thing for your skin, this should be it. Ingredients are listed completely in the product description to the left. Learn More
  4. Lumot – Protective cream

    Lumot Creme Lux

    Lumot is the ultimate protective cream for the face, neck and chest. It is rich yet penetrates beautifully, to give you supple, resilient, glowing skin very day. A harmonious synergy of hydration and moisture, it is comprised of premiere emollient oils and handcrafted hydrolats by VinX. It is rich with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to heal your skin and protect it from now on. A pea sized dab is enough, warmed between your fingertips spread gently over the entire face (atop Fluxx for the ultimate skin nourishment). Repeat for neck and chest. Learn More
  5. Lux Tonica - Floral Essence Hydrosol Spray

    Lux Tonica Floral Essence

    Lux Tonica is a potent tonic made to balance and hydrate the skin. We create hydrolats in our Alembic distiller, capturing the pure essence of plants in liquid. These fresh hydrolats are blended with powerful hydrating humectants and ph balanced to 5.5 to perfectly balance the acid mantle. Nearly every basic issue of the skin is linked to an improper ph balance. Tap water often has a ph of 8 or more and leaves the skin vulnerable. Spritzing your skin just after cleansing is a simple effective step to bring your protective acid mantle back into balance. We would recommend that you massage a few drops of Fluxx into the skin over Lux Tonica for a divine refreshment. Use anytime throughout your travels to revive your skin and spirit. Full ingredient list under product description to the left. Learn More
  6. The Travel Set - Face

    The Travel Set - Face

    VinX has curated a set of necessities to rejuvenate your skin. Use them daily to reveal a refined, moisturized, balanced and luminous complexion. Included are generous travel friendly sizes of our five heroes: *99* Cleansing Balm - 60mls Brilliant Refining Exfoliant - 29 grams Lux Tonica Hydrating Toner - 60 mls Fluxx Ultra Face Oil - 2 drams Lumot Creme Lux - .25 oz The set is ideal for any trip, your gym kit, in your purse or at your desk. Packaged beautifully in a recycled kraft paper lidded box with Aspen wood cushioning for a perfect gift presentation (or just for yourself of course). Learn More
  7. Violette - Purify and Stimulate - Green Clay Mask

    Violette Vitality Mask

    A refreshing mask designed to purify and stimulate your cells natural processes, Violette awakens a bright new complexion with its unique blend of botanicals. Montmorillonite and emerald earth from France subtly draw toxins outward and support healthy circulation. Hydrolats handmade by VinX deeply nourish and soothe. Violet leaf, Myrrh, Rock Rose and Cypress invigorate and cleanse. Honey and lactic acid gently exfoliate. Use 1 -2 times weekly for consistent renewal. Learn More
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