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  1. 99 Cleansing Balm

    99 Cleansing Balm

    99 Cleansing Balm will change the way you wash your face.  Not a harsh soapy cleanser, it uses mild toning oils to thoroughly remove all traces of makeup, sunscreen and grime.  Massage your face lightly and thoroughly with a dropper or pump full of the balm for 30 seconds or longer if time and mood allow. Take those moments to love your face, to stimulate your circulation, sweeping away debris and encouraging toxins and puffiness to drain away.  Press a warm damp cloth over all to wipe away any excess.  Your skin wil be left pure, clean and glowing.  Not a trace of oiliness, just a calm fresh visage. This is your daily cleanser. Learn More
  2. Sailor – Adventure Salve

    Sailor Adventure Salve

    Sailor is the friend to a rough hand, a chapped cheek, a fresh tattoo or a calloused heel. This salve is for the dancer, artist, runner, climber, gardener and traveler. Keep a pot in your kit to stave off any ill. Thoroughly rich and completely penetrating, Sailor will heal your skin so you can zoom to the next adventure. Learn More
  3. Sir Victors Bristle Cream

    Sir Victor's Bristle Cream

    An emolient balm to prepare your face for a most perfect shave. The cream will assist your razor in gliding closely over your skin, whisking away stubble and leaving behind supple conditioned skin. Your lover will be driven to nuzzle you unabashedly, be forewarned. Learn More
  4. The Travel Set - Face

    The Travel Set - Face

    VinX has curated a set of necessities to rejuvenate your skin. Use them daily to reveal a refined, moisturized, balanced and luminous complexion. Included are generous travel friendly sizes of our five heroes: *99* Cleansing Balm - 60mls Brilliant Refining Exfoliant - 29 grams Lux Tonica Hydrating Toner - 60 mls Fluxx Ultra Face Oil - 2 drams Lumot Creme Lux - .25 oz The set is ideal for any trip, your gym kit, in your purse or at your desk. Packaged beautifully in a recycled kraft paper lidded box with Aspen wood cushioning for a perfect gift presentation (or just for yourself of course). Learn More
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